About Despacito Cigars

Despacito Cigars AG was founded in 2018 by Tony Guggenbuehler and Andreas Waespi. As a new Swiss cigar brand, we have quickly established ourselves as a premium cigar manufacturer using only the finest tobaccos in the world. Every Despacito cigar is handmade in the Dominican Republic and offers you a uniquely bold and yet refined experience sure to enhance any moment.

Whether you spend an evening with friends and indulge in great conversation or you’d like to take a break and ponder upon the deeper questions of life, Despacito offers just the right cigar. True to our name we aim to help you slow down, walk to the beat of a different drum and impose your own pace on life.

Despacito’s focus on world-class premium cigars goes hand in hand with an undying commitment to ensure ethical sustainable working conditions in our factory in the Dominican Republic so you can truly enjoy your next cigar.

Our Cigars

We offer a variety of different formats ranging from a classic Short Robusto to our impressive Limited Edition Double Toros. With Despacito you'll always find just the right cigar to enhance any moment.

Short Robusto



Limited Edition Double Toro

Where to Smoke Despacito Cigars

Despacito cigars can of course be purchased online in our own store. Furthermore we've partnered with carefully selected restaurants, hotels, cigar lounges, and golf clubs that carry our cigars.

Hotel Bad Eptingen
Läufelfingerstrasse 2
CH-4458 Eptingen
Restaurant Raurica
Dorfstrasse 32
CH-4303 Kaiseraugst

Birs-Golf Club
Araweg 8
CH-4222 Zwingen
Gasthaus zur Blume
Hauptstrasse 11
CH-4312 Magden

Gasthaus zur Sonne
Untere Kirchgasse 1
CH-4147 Aesch
Restaurant zur Sonne
Hauptstrasse 83
CH-4450 Sissach


We'd love to enjoy a cigar with you in person at one of our Despacito events. You'll get a chance to try our cigars, meet the people behind the brand, and find others that share your passion for the very best cigars. Occasionally we'll host events together with our partners from the world of fine dining, wine, whisky, and rum.

Cigars & Wine with Maria Mihaylova House of Smoke, Basel October 19th, 2018 - 19:00 Learn More Register


Since our launch in July 2018, vaious media outlets have covered Despacito Cigars. Below you'll find a list of articles about us. If you are in the process of writing an article about us, we've compiled a press kit with information about the company, our products, and our design assets.

Zigarren.Zone Sanft auf Rauch gebettet September 29th, 2018 Read Article
Persoenlich.com Nachhaltige Zigarre für höchste Ansprüche August 21th, 2018 Read Article
Werbewoche Catherine Martin entwickelt Branding für Despacito Cigars August 20th, 2018 Read Article


Despacito Cigars AG
Teichweg 23
4450 Sissach


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